Products of Design graduates Manako Tamura and Alexia Cohen have just won three awards in this year’s International Design Awards! All three of these projects were created as part of their Masters Thesis, and we’ve pasted links below for you to check them out!


Manako Tamura’s Hyphen America Pop-Up Event won 3 prizes in multiple prizes:

Silver in Design For Society / Design for Society
Gold in Design For Society / Public Campaigns
Gold in Design For Society / Design for Public Awareness


Manako Tamura’s Xenophon Bone-Conductive Speaker Mask won:

Gold in Media And Home Electronics / TV, Video and Audio Equipment

(You can see both of these projects in Manako’s Masters Thesis, HACKING THE RACIAL BINARY: Design Provocations for Identity and Shame)


Alexia Cohen’s Cara Menstrual Product and Waste Carrier won:

Silver in Outdoor And Exercise Equipment / Outdoors, trekking and camping

(You can see this project in Alexia’s Masters Thesis, DARE + DEFY: A Woman’s Place in the Great Outdoors)

Congrats Manako and Alexia!