We invite you to attend the Masters Thesis showcase presentations of the 2019 graduating class of the MFA in Products of Design program on Tuesday, May 14th at the SVA Theatre from 11:00am - 5:30pm. Twenty graduating masters students will each present their year-long thesis work, comprised of research, artifacts, services, experiences, and platforms.



The day will be punctuated by (deliciously) catered breaks, as well as a champagne reception at the close of the session. We welcome guests in all facets of design and innovation, including designers, entrepreneurs, teachers, advocates, talent-scouts, journalists and cultural critics.

2019 MFA Products of Design Thesis Presentation
Tuesday, May 14, 2019
11:00 AM to 5:30 PM (EDT)
SVA Theatre
333 W 23rd St
New York, NY 10011

Projects and Students Presenting:

Antya Waegemann
When No One Believes You: Addressing Rape Culture through the Redesign of Rape Kits

Ben Bartlett
Entrusted: Designing Trust into Public Spaces

Rhea Bhandari
Hysterical: Designing for Women in a Gaslighting Healthcare System

Hannah Rudin
Teambuilding America: A Declaration of Interdependence

Gustav Dyrhauge
Food as a Medium: Bringing New York to the Dinner Table

Evie Cheung
The Revenge of Siri and Alexa: Redesigning Artificial Intelligence for Women of Color

Eugenia Ramos
Speak Easy. Confronting Public Speaking Anxiety Through Design

Carly Simmons
The Mother Lode: Prepping New Moms for Modern Day Postpartum

Zihan Chen
Before You Click: Design for Better Decision Making in Online Shopping

Xuan Wang
Queer China: Proposals to Empower Chinese Queer Youth

Tzu-Ching Lin
No Do-Over: Designing Life Without Regret

Sophie Carrillo
Unauthorized Play: Design Provocations for Children in Crisis

André Orta
Your Destination Is Ahead: Redefining In-Vehicle Experiences in the Age of Autonomy 

Ellen Rose
The ‘Aha’ Movement: Designing for Creativity at Work

Kevin Cook
Closer Kin: Building Stronger Family Environments by Design

Yangying Ye
MONO/POLY: Designing for a Post-Marriage Society 

Micah Lynn
Attainable: Reimagining Exercise as the Training Ground for Success

Phuong Anh Nguyen
The Real in the Virtual: Designs for Emotional Safety in Physical Contexts

Runshi Wei
Low Desire Society: Design and Culture After High Speed Economic Growth

John Boran
There and Never Back Again: Design in the Next Age of Space Exploration

(Want a sneak peek at what you're in for: Take a look at some of last year's presentations!)


About the MFA in Products of Design
The MFA in Products of Design is an immersive, two-year graduate program that creates exceptional practitioners for leadership in the shifting terrain of design. We educate heads, hearts and hands to reinvent systems and catalyze positive change. Graduates emerge with confidence, methods, experience and strong professional networks. They gain the skills necessary to excel in senior positions at top design firms and progressive organizations, create ingenious enterprises of their own, and become lifelong advocates for the power of design.