NEDA is an interactive picture frame helps parents and grandparents—who may have a hard time working with technology—to connect with their loved ones—regardless of where they live.


The project was designed and built by first year student, Pantea Parsa; “I was inspired by my own personal experience with contacting my grandmother, who lives in Iran. She’s not well-versed with technology, so I wanted to create a smart object that looked like a common picture frame, but helped her out in a couple significant ways.”

“Here’s how it works: I am among four grandchildren, so I put images of each of us in the frame, but above each picture is a button. Whenever my grandmother wants to talk to one of us—or just misses us—she simply presses that button. The button lights up, and, on the other end, that grandchild receives an email saying that ‘your grandma is missing you. Call her.”

But the frame goes one step further. When you receive the message, you can send a signal that lights up the frame—drawing attention to it—letting the person know that you will be calling them shortly. This is ideal for people who have trouble hearing the phone ring, and therefore noticing the call.

process image 4.jpg

 And best of all, Pantea put the entire project up on Instructables so that anyone can download the code and make the frame themselves! Does your grandparent miss you but not have technology to easily let you know? Get building!