This year, the students of the MFA Products of Design took home 4 honors in this year's Core77 Design Awards! The recognized work spanned multiple categories—from Service Design to Design for Social Impact to Strategy and Research. Check them out below, and click to see the complete projects on Core77!


Cara: Nothing Will Stop Us. Period.

Designer: Alexia Cohen

Cara is a menstrual product and waste carrier designed for use in multi-day trips outdoors. It features an expandable waste collection container at the center, and two separate dry enclosures at the top and bottom to keep unused menstrual products, toilet paper and wipes clean and ready to use. Cara was conceived during Alexia's MFA thesis titled Dare + Defy: A Women's Place in the Great Outdoors.

[View project on Core77 Design Awards site]


GLARE: Urban Longboard Skateboard with Safety "Uplight"

Design Team: Qixuan Wang, Eugenia Ramos, Micah Lynn, André Orta

Glare is a longboard skateboard brand designed for the urban commuter. The core technology is the Uplight—a long-wavelength beam of light projected upward onto the rider which increases nighttime visibility and thereby reduces the risk of collision with cars.

[View project on Core77 Design Awards site]


Queer World - Co-creation workshop

Designer: Qixuan Wang

Queer World is a co-creation workshop as a part of the research for my graduate thesis work "Queer China" where participants use a game board to map the power dynamics among stakeholders in the system of LGBTQ. The purpose of the workshop is to test my hypothesis, which is a system map of the LGBTQ community in China; gain insights from participants' personal experiences and perspectives, and finally, find design opportunities.

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Xenophone: Bone-Conductive Speaker Mask

Designer: Manako Tamura

Xenophone is a speaker that is shaped like a mask. Using bone conduction technology, it creates a visceral experience that connects users with their ancestral stories in a tactile way. Upon recording a story with, for instance, their grandmother, the audio file lives within the mask and can be heard only when the user inhabits it.

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